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Is Static Player a "widget"?
Totally! A widget is any object you can copy and paste into a webpage through a snippet of code, so this fits right in that category.

How do I put this player on a web page?

Just copy the <object> code and paste it into the codeview of your webpage or blog. The <object> code represents the commands needed to embed the flash mp3 player widget on your web page or blog.

How can I make this player look like my web page?
You can create a custom player. This enables you to change every aspect of the Flash Mp3 Player from the play button to the display text, and everything in between. Use the controls on the right to adjust the settings of the objects to make the mp3 player look any way you want.

You say Static Player is light, how light is it?
About 3kb... How does this affect you? Static Player will load very quickly, usually before the webpage does.

Will Static Player always be free?
Yeah, why not? Of course I'll probably make a better one in the future.. but the basic Chameleon will always be free.

Who uses this?
So far it's served players to Bands, Comedians, DJ's, Public speakers, Poets, Web designers, Bloggers, Sound effect artists and Voice actors to name a few. It was designed to be used by anyone who wants to play audio on their webpage, social profile, web resume or blog.

Where can I use the Static Player?
Pretty much anywhere HTML is allowed. People have been using it on their websites, blogs, forums and social media sites like myspace and tagged. You can also use it as a widget for iweb, joomla, mambo or any other website management software.

Where can I download the source code?
It's highly customizable If you have any suggestions, you can send me some feeback.. I've already implemented a couple of requests, yours could be next!

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